Mr.Deutch and the Radium Mine
Adventures of Superman Radio Serial - May 1941

Mr.Deutch returns to bedevil the crusading reporters of the Daily Planet, and this time has a byzantine plan to dispose of Lois Lane -  he sends his assistant to rig her typewriter with explosives, and when she types the six letters of his name - D-E-U-T-C-H - then BOOM. 

What this actually gives us is a drawn-out comic moment where Lois and Clark argue for the better part of an entire episode about the spelling of the villain’s name - possibly establishing in continuity a long-running joke about Lois’ spelling (although technically she had it right)…




Proof-of-concept in-browser app by Marc Teyssier lets you create 3D shapes gesturally with a Leap Motion sensor - video embedded below:

Okyp is a web-based application, that allows users to create 3D models with gestural interaction. The user can experiment a new way of modeling complex shapes in a virtual environment, without any keyboard or mouse.

The intention was to develop a simple and natural interaction. The first hand detected by Leap Motion is the controller hand. Showing 3 fingers means rotation, 5 fingers means zoom. The other hand is the cursor hand. When you are ready to create the shape, just tap with a finger of the controller hand.

Okyp is a project made to explore gesture-control devices and interactive web experiment.

If you have a Leap Motion sensor, you can try it out here